We provide guidance on building a personal portfolio so that you reach your goals in the short term as well as the long term. we do this through Stepp, our brokerage firm that forms part of our group of companies. Risk analysis to determine the investment type that will suit you best.


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REAL ESTATE investment and services for financial growth

Real Estate is considered less volatile than other investments. The relative stability of property investment makes it a go-to for savvy investors. Here are a few more reasons to invest in property:

There is a property shortage in South Africa. This, along with the migration of people to better neighbourhoods, creates an opportunity for potential financial growth through property investment.

Property rentals remain in demand. Rental income from property is considered a good choice if you choose the location of your property wisely. High demand areas may increase the chances of long-term rentals. That is, areas that are close to health care facilities, schools, and office parks are more likely to be rented long-term by families or business professionals. On the other hand, if you are a first-time investor, one-bed one-bath apartments in high demand areas or ‘hotspots’ can bring a healthy investment from young business professionals too.

Short-term rentals are an excellent choice in, for example, tourist destinations. Properties either in or near to popular destinations are an excellent choice for investors who prefer the short-term rental model.

However, before you jump into purchasing a property to rent, ask our financial team for advice on securing a loan at a more favourable rate, deposits, apartment furnishing and other crucial factors that could determine how successful your endeavour is.

If the property market is not for you, ask us about our range of other investment services. We offer expert advice on unit trusts, retirement annuities (effective allocation of funds at retirement so that maximum benefit can be achieved), money market and cash investments, and offshore investment advice.

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