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Rhythm aims to be the preferred Financial Mentor providing personalized guidance and mentorship to medical specialists seeking to establish a practice, improving their financial well-being, and achieving their financial goals through our wealth of experience in providing Practice Management solutions. 

Who we are

We are dedicated to helping our clients navigate the complex world of personal finance, running a practice, and empowering them with knowledge and strategies to make informed decisions about their financial wealth.

Since 1996, our Solutions have allowed Medical Specialists to focus on providing quality medical services while we manage the different facets of their practice towards ultimate fulfillment.

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Our Services


Through our “Medical Practice Management” and “Medical and Hospital Practice Management” we take the hassle out of your “day to day” medical administrative issues with patients, hospitals and medical aids alike.


We assist you in building your own private investment portfolio thanks to the support of our in-house brokerage (Stepp Consult) and discretionary investment firm (If Capital).


The pivotal process of laying a strong foundation for a healthcare practice to thrive and provide exceptional patient care. It involves meticulous planning, legal and regulatory compliance, infrastructure development, recruitment of skilled professionals, implementation of robust operational systems, and effectiveness.

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